The Solo Saddlers' Easy Way To Treat And Restore Leather

The Solo Saddlers' Easy Way To Treat And Restore Leather

Leather is a natural product that has a soft, smooth feel with a rich unique leather smell.  Like your skin needs nourishment, so does your leather.

We recommend natural oils made with animal fats and lanolin. Solo Saddlers leather oils and preservatives are preferred, however any oil is better than no oil.  The creams are less oily and better suited to furniture, car seats and clothing.

What you will need:

Hint : We also have a leather cleaning kit available here


  • Saturate your cloth with soap and water. Wash the leather to remove marks and dirt.
  • Saturate your other cloth with Solo Saddlers oil or Hide care.
  • While the leather is still moist, with the oily cloth apply oil evenly and gradually to  avoid blotching.
  • As the water dries, the oil penetrates.
  • Once the oil has been absorbed, you can repeat the oiling process so that the leather gets a soft, smooth, silky feel.
  • Buckling areas take the most strain, so undo all buckles and pay extra attention here.


Pro Tip : As the colour might change slightly, we suggest you first test on a small, unobtrusive area.


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