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Chaps and gaiters are two important pieces of riding gear for horse riders, especially those who ride Western or English style. Chaps are leather leggings that cover the rider's legs from the waist down to the ankle, while leaving the crotch and buttocks exposed.

They provide protection to the legs from brush, branches, and other hazards on the trail, as well as offering grip and support in the saddle. Gaiters, on the other hand, are shorter than chaps and cover only the lower leg and ankle.

Chaps and gaiters offer protection from rubs and scrapes caused by stirrup leathers and provide a smooth surface for better contact with the horse. Both chaps and gaiters come in various materials and styles to suit different riding disciplines and preferences.

Why buy chaps and gaiters from Solo Saddlers?

Our chaps and gaiter sourced from the best suppliers in the industry, and crafted to ensure optimal functionality and durability so that we can provide you with products that work and that last for years.


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