Solo Saddlers - Standing The Test Of Time

Solo Saddlers - Standing The Test Of Time

I have been using Solo Saddlers products for at least 14 years now. I used to lease a Palamino pony that I used to dress in purple numnahs, boots etc that I bought from Solo and shortly after this, I got my Thoroughbred from Reintjiesfontein that followed suit.

How I remember Solo distinctly, was when we used to take stable outings out to Reintjiesfontein Racetrack to see the horses training and to pop into Solo Saddlers with our pocket money to buy our ponies a fancy new halter or a couple grooming items that we definitely didn’t need more of. I have to call my mom a saint for always making sure that I had enough pocket money to make sure that my pony was always in fabulous tack.

The brand brings back some really special, warm memories of my childhood and how much I loved (and still love) being around horses. The “need” to buy new things contributed to the “need” to spend more time at the stables.

I have been lucky enough to work for Solo for around 7 years now but working as part of this wonderful brand has not only given me the opportunity to work with some really great people, but also meant that I have naturally tried out the products not only through my childhood years but in my adult years too. An example that I love to share is that I have a pair of tendon boots that I bought when I first got my mare 15 years ago, and to this date, they remain in good, working order.

I have also only ever used Solo Saddlers halters. I love the colours and somehow they manage to stand the test of time with how long they have lasted for me. I think in the 15 years that I have had my horse, I have maybe bought four or five new halters… Sometimes just because I felt like a change in colour :)

Spending time with the Solo team has meant that I get a better understand of the thought process that has gone into the products, too. I can tell you for sure, a lot of care and insight goes into each of the products and whenever I am speaking to one of the team members about a new product you can see their eyes light up as they truly believe in their product.

What a special brand to be part of, and what a great opportunity for us to have access to really great quality, local products on our doorstep.

I am sure I am not the only one who would be able to share a story or two about Solo.


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