Solo Ultimate Trucking Boots Review - Lichelle West

Solo Ultimate Trucking Boots Review - Lichelle West

Dear Solo Saddlers,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review the Solo Trucking Boots Ultimate Long. I really enjoyed reviewing the trucking boots and it was very fun to play around with the idea of them.

The Solo Trucking Boots Ultimate Long

I am a proud owner of a typical 5-year old off-the-track-thoroughbred mare and I can honestly say that keeping her legs protected and safe is a daily struggle. We are situated in North-West but compete in Gauteng and thus have to travel a lot to get to shows. Keeping her safe in the horsebox is one of my biggest priorities and by using the Solo Trucking Boots it made my life a lot easier.

My first impression of the boots when I opened up the box were that they are very lightweight. They were packed neatly inside a clear plastic storage bag with 2 handles. The one handle is on the top of the bag to carry the boots in an upright position or to be able to carry the bag over your shoulder. The second handle are located on the side of the bag in order to carry the boots in a horizontal manner. The boots have thick padding on the inside that ensures extra protection of the legs. The material of the outer part of the boots is very sturdy and won’t tear easily when being stepped on. The colour lining is very bright and gives the boots that personalized look. Each boot has three large velcro straps to ensure that the boot is not able to turn or slip down the leg and the velcro straps are adjustable in length and can accommodate different thickness of joints. The bottom part of the boots is lined with a comfort material to provide extra protection of the horse’s hooves and fetlocks.

I had the opportunity to review the L/Full purple trucking boots. The boots were very easy to put on my horse’s legs and the shape of the boots ensures a snug and tight fit. The big broad velcro strips sticks tightly together when closed and won’t be easily opened by a kick or a rub on the leg. The boots are thickly padded on the inside and provides peace of mind when your horse has to travel with other horses in the horsebox or truck. I tested whether the boots would slide down if I let her walk around in them and I can confidently say that after our walk they were still in the correct place on her legs. I would advise the huge OTTB owners to size up from a full to an XL/Warmblood size because the back boots can be a bit short for a leggy thoroughbred. The model I used for the photos are Emmunique, a 3 year-old 15.3hh OTTB. The boots have a high cut and provides protection from the knee down to the hooves and they also have a 360 degree coverage of the leg. I love the stylish look of the boots and they will look amazing on any horse/pony without breaking the bank.

Is it necessary to own a horse in order to buy these boots? Absolutely not!
If you are a fashion diva who likes to keep up with the latest fashion trend, these boots are for you. They are a stunning addition to any outfit whether it is a day at the barn, a red-carpet event or a normal lazy day at home.

Overall, I think this is a must have for any equestrian who travel with their horses in horseboxes or trucks. The boots are affordable, provides maximum protection, have sufficient padding to protect the horse’s legs and the outer layer are made of a heavy-duty material which will contribute to the longevity of the trucking boots.



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