Caring For Your Leather

Caring For Your Leather

Here in our hot and dry South African climate oiling your leather should be done regularly, every 1-2 weeks or when the leather looks or feels dry.  It is better to treat your leather lightly and frequently than heavy oilings sporadically.

On used tack it is important to clean the leather first with Solo Saddlers saddle soap, to prevent the dirt being absorbed into the leather and blocking the leather oil from being absorbed.  Use plenty of saddle soap to remove dust/dirt build up from your leather.  Work the soap into a good lather with water - the water will not damage the leather provided you are using it combined with saddle soap.

While the leather is still damp apply Solo leather oil / Hide Care evenly with a sponge/cloth, remembering it is better to oil lightly and frequently.  We have found that oil penetrates better when it is applied to damp leather.

[su_note note_color="#DE132E" text_color="#ffffff"]TOP TIP:

Always oil your saddle in the shade to enable saddle soaps and oils to penetrate the leather.

Oiled leather is far stronger than non-oiled leather (tends to dry out and crack).  Therefore it is important to undo all buckles to ensure that the saddle soap and leather oil reaches the areas that take the most strain.[/su_note]


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