Solo Trail/Endurance Leather Saddle Review - Sune Piek

Solo Trail/Endurance Leather Saddle Review - Sune Piek

I'm so grateful that Solo Saddlers chose me and my horse to review this amazing saddle!

The first time I put the saddle on my horse it was quite unique to my previous saddle. The position is high and not what I'm used to. I changed the fittings and it was a perfect fit for my horse!

My horse's comfort is important to me. I did a few long distance rides on the saddle with and without a numnah from walking up to high speed galloping and there were no signs of discomfort from my horse!

There is so much to love from this saddle! Firstly, the fact that I can do long distance without any chafing to my horse. The girth fits comfortably. Secondly, the absolute comfort of the saddle for me and my horse! It gives you the feeling of riding on a cloud!

The saddle is perfect for any distance riding in any weather conditions. Very good craftmanship. It's perfectly comfortable for long hours spent with its padded seat.

You can ride the saddle without a numnah to keep your horse cool. The velcro sponge underneath the saddle is removable to wash/replace it, that makes it very hygienic! The fact that it's also shock absorbing is a breeze! I really love the girth that it won't rub your horse during rides. The girth and strapes is very easy to clean!
The D-rings makes it possible for riders to add extras on the saddle as they wish.
Most importantly, what I like of the saddle is that there is so much to adjust so that it can be a perfectly comfortable fit for you and your horse!

I'm in love with this amazing saddle! It's a saddle any endurance rider wants in their stable.

I would recommend Solo Saddlers Leather Endurance/Trail Saddle for any rider who looks for the perfect saddle for their horse!

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