Solo Saddlers Rope And Chain Cattle Halter Review - Roeleen Bloemhof

Solo Saddlers Rope And Chain Cattle Halter Review - Roeleen Bloemhof

Look Out Ladies and Gents I found a show stopper from Solo!

Go Solo on the Solo Cattle halter.

I received my Cattle Halter with Chain and I knew as soon as I took it out the packaging from the courier, that this was a winner when it came to a quality product

The product is made from a tough durable rope which you can see will hold the strongest of beasts.

When I first tried the halter I had no cow or bull to try it on, but I had a son of a gun of a stallion that loves walking on his hind legs and take his handler for a drag.

Well we fitted the halter which was relatively easy with its quick connect buckles, and I adjusted it perfect that the leather pad sat comfortably on his nose.

At first he tried to bounce past me out the stable and the control chain under the chin pulled tighter and gave me the control I have been lacking the whole time when handling this big boy, by not only applying pressure to the chin but to the nose and poll.

It was not long before this rowdy and boisterous boy realized that he is pulling against himself and that the halter applies just enough pressure to make it uncomfortable to be out of control, and he soon walked as normal and with ease, so a definite YES YES YES to equine owners who have out of hand boys that need to be controlled gently yet firmly. (Also work perfectly to apply pressure to horses who do not want to walk into a horsebox)

This is where I realized I had to make off to my friends farm in Frankfort, and play with some real Steers!

Well, I put the halter on one of the heifers in the kraal, and my friends first comment was that this is really a nice CattleControl Halter, he also asked if it was imported. When I replied that it is locally made he told me that he imports ones similar from the USA. This made me realize the Solo Cattle Halter was a winner all the way.

The way the product is manufactured you realise that great meticulous care has been taken to ensure that the Halter, 1. Fits correctly, 2. Provides control to the handler, 3. Don’t hurt the animal that the halter is fitted too.

The young heifer tried pulling away but the design of the halter made sure that the halter did not slip of the head but applied pressure on the poll area and on the chin and nose, making the Heifer realize she is fighting a losing battle.

It was within minutes that she calmed down and walked with me as if she has done so her whole life.

So what can I say in a few words about this Well designed Cattle Halter from Solo.

  1. Designed with ease of use in mind
  2. Designed to give great control over a unruly animal
  3. Easy to adjust and kind with the leather padding that is added the nose
  4. Quality products have been used, buckles, leather, rope and chain is all a good quality
  5. The product on an affordability scale it gets a good 10 out of 10 for value for money
  6. This product will look good on you farm animal or when they go to show. I recommend that you buy white for shows and darker colours for home but that is my opnion

Will I buy this product? Yes I will for the simple reason as a farmer you don’t want to battle with flimsy products that will not last and that will break. If you want to handle your animals in a Solo Capacity… then go SOLO CATTLE HALTER!!!!!

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