Solo Saddlers Rope And Chain Cattle Halter Review - Firn Hyde

Solo Saddlers Rope And Chain Cattle Halter Review - Firn Hyde

This well-made and sturdy halter impressed me with its durability and beautiful look. The rope is strong and thick enough not to cause rubbing, while the chain is also sturdy without being too heavy. The stitching on the leather nose pad is very thick and strong, as well as looking neat.

In terms of design, the halter is nicely adjustable around the head. The rings are big enough that the chain slides easily through, never placing too much pressure on our girl Sarah or making her feel trapped. She preferred the feeling of the thick chain on this halter to the thinner chain of our usual leather show halter. I do feel that the adjustable piece on the right side of the headpiece could have been made to point the other way so that the end of the rope doesn't rub on the cow's cheek, but Sarah didn't seem to be worried about it.

I found the fit a little strange on her face. I chose a cob sized halter, which normally fits on a full-grown Jersey cow; this one barely fit on a pregnant but not full-grown heifer. If you have an adult cow (or a beef animal), you will need a Full at minimum. In addition to this, the nose pad was too wide for Sarah's nose. However, she is a refined little Jersey, so it may fit much better on a beef breed.

We used the halter for practice, just doing some training with Sarah, but I foresee plenty of use at markets and farm visits. Because of the nose pad being a bit big, it was hard to "show" her in this, so I wouldn't use it for breed shows. However, she was very comfortable with being led normally in it, while the chain did provide some extra control compared to a nylon halter - which will be very useful at events where she gets excited.

Overall, while not being suitable as a show halter for a dairy breed, this is a very useful halter for events where one needs a little more control and to look a little smart, but lends the cow more comfort than an ordinary show halter.

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