Solo Pvc Endurance Bridle Review - Lindsay Welken

Solo Pvc Endurance Bridle Review - Lindsay Welken

I am grateful to Solo Saddlers for choosing and giving me the opportunity to use and review this amazing product they make, it definitely was an amazing experience!

Before the review, I must commend Solo Saddlery on their exceptional customer service, and delivery times! I gave my details in the afternoon, and the very next morning before 9AM it was already at my door. Very efficient, and fast!

Unboxing, the bridle was an absolutely beautiful BRIGHT PINK, with a very soft feel to them, and the softest reins I've ever felt before! The reins are so soft, so comfortable, they are too good to imagine.

First try on, I used it one of my geldings, Naja El - Shatan. He wasn't too impressed with the hassle around him, but it looked beautiful on him. He must have wondered what the big deal was too.

The bright pink bridle paired with the Solo Everstretch Square Numnah in pink made a great colour combo. Shatan was splattered in pink tack!

On the ride, my hands have never felt as comfortable as before, these reins still leave me speechless!

Riding in different weather conditions didn't phase me one bit, knowing that the bridle is WEATHERPROOF, and going to the dam made swimming with my horse all the more merrier and easier (no need to worry about having to oil or dry the bridle quickly when untacking).

The snap on/off bit converting the bridle into a halter is a dream to work with. Simply snap the cheek pieces of and my reins became the lead - from a full bridle to a halter with lead all in a quick step, no need to have a separate halter and lead on hand. This made untacking and then washing/grooming my horse very simple.

Imitating and training the horses for vet in conditions at the the endurance ride hasnt been easier, with the simple and effective Solo PVC Endurance Bridle. As I finished the training rides, I just snapped the bit off, attached the reins to the halter, a quick groom/cool down and then trotting the horse - all made simple and easy!

I, and the other riders at Imperial Asil Arabians planned to enter and participate one of my horses at the National Endurance Ride in Fauresmith, and to take the bridle with, but unfortunately my horse came up stiff/sore just before entries closed. I would have loved to have used it in the most Prestigious endurance event for South Africa.

Cleaning this bridle after a muddy ride is no problem too - just wash it under the tap, or leave it for a few minutes in a bucket of warm water, and it looks as good as new!

I will be training a few young horses in the following few weeks, and will definitely be using the Solo bridle on them. Its adjustability, ease of use and general comfort that I feel using it all makes me want to use it more and more! Keep a lookout on my page - Imperial Asil Arabians, updates will be posted. I have no doubt that it will be the perfect tack item to use, especially when getting them used to the bit, putting it on and removing it, without troubling/playing around near their ears and poll area.

I cannot explain, and recommend this bridle more! It is simply a must try for any endurance rider/happy hacker/people who ride in different weather conditions or those that take their horses for a swim.

I used the bridle, and others that ride with me, and all share the same sentiments - this bridle is quality, and a must have for every endurance rider!

This bridle is so good, I couldn't resist, and got another one, a lime green one, that will be a part of our endurance team and tack!

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