Solo Horse Tech Soft Leather Gaiters Review - Tamaryn Moss

Solo Horse Tech Soft Leather Gaiters Review - Tamaryn Moss

So, I'm happy to report that after several weeks of what can only be called a gaiter demolition derby they have not only managed to survive, which is surprising enough, but still look brand new. They have trudged through a dam, been coated in arena dust, washed horses and basically every other gaiter destroying activity known to man...

They've proved to be not only smart but also incredibly comfortable, so much so that instead of removing my gaiters after riding as I usually would, I have simply left them on and continued my day.

On a horse they give a really nice, soft feel through the leg whilst still offering enough grip against the saddle and protection from the dreaded pinching stirrup leather. Off the horse they're so lovely and supple that you really don't feel like you're wearing anything, so they got worn to death for around 5 hours a day yet even after the torture they have been through they were still perfectly smart enough to go showing in.

I'm really impressed with them.

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