Solo Horse Tech Soft Leather Gaiters Review - Kerri Mcmullen

Solo Horse Tech Soft Leather Gaiters Review - Kerri Mcmullen


I have now had the Solo Soft Leather Gaiters for two weeks to review.

Here are a few points regarding your product, how it was used and how it has performed:

  • The gaiters are made out of soft leather, which saves you from having to wear them in.

    This is a very frustrating part of buying new apparel, as sometimes you have to buy a product in order to replace a broken product and you don’t have time to wear it in until it is soft. Soft leather also doesn’t have solid “breaks” which weakens the leather.

    Huge bonus, you can purchase these and go to a show the next day, without worrying about blisters or sore areas!

  • The leather is of decent quality, this means that I don’t have to worry about replacing or fixing the product on an ongoing basis.
  • The HEAVY DUTY ZIP is also a big part of gaiters and long boots. Generally this is the first piece to disintegrate on products such as these and most brands tend to have a very weak zip with which to begin.
  • The gaiters are extremely comfortable. I have used them 5 times now. All 5 times were different training sessions, which included track work, flatwork as well as jumping.

    None of these sessions affected the way in which the gaiter kept to my calf, with enough flexibility to allow me to move with my horse, whilst remaining rigid enough to not fall or “flop” against my leg.

  • I love the fact that the gaiters look very smart. They are of good quality and I would happily wear these at a show. They are not the kind product that is only bought for “home usage”.
  • The thick elastic underneath is also super thick, ensuring that the gaiter remains where it should, without being too bulky that you feel the elastic under your foot.
  • Another great addition, which not many pairs of gaiters have, is the extra strap around your ankle wherein you would wear your spur. This firstly protects your zip from being rubbed by your spur and becoming weak, as well as keeping your spur in place when you’re riding.

All in all, I am extremely happy with this product. I have been wearing long boots for the past five years of my life, purely because I haven’t been able to find good quality gaiters that do not cost you an arm and a leg to buy.

These gaiters are affordable, comfortable, stylish and of good quality, ensuring that they will last.

Thank you Solo!

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