Solo General Purpose Numnah Review - Corlia Swart

Solo General Purpose Numnah Review - Corlia Swart

The Solo Saddlers general purpose numnah had me a bit sceptical at first as it was not a very attractive looking numnah, but I thought let me not judge it before seeing it on a horse under a saddle. So the next time I went riding I replaced my purple numnah with my new black Solo Saddlers general purpose numnah and what a surprise it was. The outcome was a very simple neat looking tack up. What I liked about the numnah was that being shaped it made my horse look very neat even though it was a general purpose numnah mostly suggested only for exercise or practice use. So fast forward 2 weeks to my last jumping show for the year, I decided to use my Solo Saddlers general purpose numnah to compete with due to its very neat appearance under a saddle. And the following pictures were the result. My horses looked great.

What I like about the Solo Saddlers general purpose numnah is that although it appears to be very puffy (I was worried it would lift my saddle in a bad way), once under a saddle it makes the saddle sit just right with not extra lifting. Another nice thing about the numnah is the material prevents the horses hair from sticking to the numnah so a simple dust or brush off removed the hair gathered from a ride. But what is the best part of this numnah; it washed very easily, you just pop it into the washing machine and it’s clean!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to once again review one of your products.

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