Which Saddle Is Best For You?

Which Saddle Is Best For You?

Ever been on the market for a saddle for your pony or horse but haven't known where to start? That is where we come in. It is very important that the saddle not only fits your horse, but fits you as well. Read below as we take you on a quick and easy guide to finding your perfect saddle :

For The Young Rider & Pony

  • If the rider has never ridden and is aged, say 2 – 10 years, then a pony pad or child’s trail saddle is suitable to learn balance, and get accustomed to sitting on a horse. These will allow the rider to get the feel of the horse’s movements, and they provide stirrups and a handle for a secure seat.

For The More Experienced Child Rider

  • The trail saddle is more suitable for an older child and adult as it gives extra security from the raised front and back which hold the rider in a secure seat.

For New Riders

  • For new riders or people who have ridden occasionally, and are still unsure of their balance, we recommend trail saddles like McLellan, Overlander, Commando, Discovery, Featherweight, Safari, or Western. These all offer a deeper bucket-type seat which holds the rider in a secure and balanced position. Choose according to personal appeal and comfort – they are all ideal for long rides and endurance.
  • For the new rider who would like to learn all the skills of riding, control and possibly jumping, the GP saddle is the more suitable. These are available in the starter kit for the beginner or the occasional rider, or the Kingston or Classic GP saddle for the serious rider.

For The Experienced Rider

  • For the experienced rider, who is comfortable and balanced on a horse; these riders will prefer an English style GP (general purpose) saddle. These have knee rolls to support the rider’s legs in faster paces and jumping. These saddles give the rider close contact with the horse and make it easier for the horse and rider to move as one combined unit

Wishing you many happy miles in your comfy Solo Saddlers saddle!


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