Which Bit For My Horse?

Which Bit For My Horse?

There are many different styles of bit. Sometimes one has to try different ones to see which suits. For general pleasure riding, you do not require the precise steering and control needed for jumping, dressage and mounted games.

It is normal practice to start your horse with a jointed snaffle. 80% of the time this will be effective. Depending on your horse it can be an eggbutt snaffle, which is comfortable for the horses cheeks, or a loose ring snaffle which gives the rider more direct contact with the horse’s mouth.

If the horse is throwing his head showing that the bit is uncomfortable, it often works to try a softer snaffle of elliptical or French style.

If the horse pulls and tries to run away with the rider, a slotted kimblewick is a good option. This bit has either a straight mouthpiece with less mouth pressure, or jointed which is stronger. The curb chain should be smoothed out by twisting in one direction and tightened enough to allow one fingers space under the chin. We like this bit because it offers 3 strength levels :

  1. With the rein fitted to the upper slot, there is less leverage and gives minimal pressure on the chin and poll.
  2. With the rein fitted to the D of the cheek piece, there is medium pressure to chin and poll for better control.
  3. With the rein fitted to the lower slot, there is most leverage and pressure. This is often suitable for younger riders who do not have the strength to control the horse.

As there are so many different horses and riders, sometimes you will have to try a few bits before you find the most suitable for your horse and your type of riding. Provided the bit is cleaned and returned in its new condition, the seller will probably swap the one that does not work.

We hope this helps to give you an enjoyable ride.


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